Let’s review the career and legacy of Lynn Fainchtein

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Sadly, Lynn Fainchtein has passed away, but she left us a tremendous legacy through her time in national and international radio, film and television.

The beginning of 2024 began with very sad news, because on this March 1st the music and cinema of our country mourn. We say it because Lynn Fainchtein’s sad death has been confirmed at the age of 60 after a long battle with cancer.

Lynn’s death is definitely a very sensitive loss for the culture in Mexico We are talking about a very important communicator, announcer and producer.. However, his work has continued since then He has also been involved in major projects in the field of seventh art and television, both in Mexico and abroad..

Let's review the career and legacy of Lynn Fainchtein
Lynn Fainchtein during a special “Roma” event/Photo: Getty Images

As a tribute and in memory of one of the women who contributed much to our country’s culture, music, cinema and television, Here we take a look at Lynn Fainchtein’s tremendous career and the legacy she leaves us with her work.

Lynn Fainchtein and her important time on radio

In 1985 Lynn Fainchtein began her radio career, particularly in Rock 101Not only did she become one of the first female voices on the station, she was also a pioneer of the FM trend and alternative music in Mexico. It was in this area that he began hosting the program Women comma rock and roll, which specializes precisely in female talent in rock.

However, Over time, Lynn explored other sounds that she also liked. He moderated from 1988 to 1989 spotlighta show about gospel and Christian music. Between 1989 and 1990 he directed Salsabadandowhere Afro-Antillean music was heard. Not least, From 1989 to 1992 he was a producer and presenter Relaxwhere he talked about the latest album releases.

From radio to head of MTV Latin America

After his important step, he spent time on our country’s radio with Rock 101, Lynn Fainchtein took her passion for music to the next level and into a completely different medium. So you will have an idea, From 1994 to 2000, she was programming and news director for MTV Latin America.where he was involved in important projects for the station.

During his time at MTV Lynn produced many news capsules, unplugged, Mexican, Argentinian and Latin rock specials, as well as two series covering the events of the Zapatista movement of the late 90s: called Chronicles of an announced movement. As you will see, he also became involved in productions that showed the socio-political context of our country.

Lynn’s important connection with Iñárritu, Cuarón and other big names in cinema

Before leaving MTV Latin America, and with the baggage he acquired at that stage of his career, Lynn Fainchtein entered one of her most relevant and fruitful facets in the seventh part. After his experience in short films Saturday Night Thief –where she received credits as a musical consultant–, In 2000 he worked as Music supervisor In Love dogs from Alejandro González Iñárritu (You can watch the conversation we had with her about it here).

From then on, an important collaboration emerged between Lynn and Iñárritu, for which he was responsible Manage all music and sound elements several films by the Mexican filmmaker, such as 21 grams, Babel, NiceBirdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), The revenant And BARD, false chronicle of some truths.

However, Lynn Fainchtein also worked with other Mexican filmmakers who made their breakthrough in Hollywood. This has been the case of Alfonso Cuarón ever since She was aware of the musical supervision ROME. But not only that, Director of Heaviness invited them to watch and create the music Disclaimerhis first television series for Apple TV+ which stars Cate Blanchett, Kevin Kline and Sacha Baron Cohen.

Another director Lynn has worked with is Lee Daniels, as he supervised his latest Oscar-nominated film, The USA against Billie Holiday, where he also produced the new recording of the Billie Holiday classics performed by Andra Day, but also took part in her earlier films: Valuable, The paper boy And The Butler. Aside from that, Fainchtein was the film’s musical consultant. The LiberationDaniels’ new production for Netflix.

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Lynn Fainchtein has also worked on other interesting projects, such as: The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnsonthe David France documentary (which received an Oscar nomination); The 33rd by Patricia Riggen; Hurray Mexico!, The perfect dictatorship And hell by Mexican director Luis Estrada and Jonás Cuarón’s latest film, Suckreleased on Netflix.

As if that wasn’t enough, He also supervised the music for the portrait of Walter Salles from the book by the American writer Jack Kerouac: on the way. One of his last jobs since then was in 2023 For his film he worked with the Mexican filmmaker Amat Escalante Lost in the nightwith Ester Expósito and Juan Daniel Treviño (here we leave you the interview we conducted with the actors of the film).

In addition to being responsible for the music, Lynn Fainchtein has worked on films as a producerin films of greatness Santos vs La Tetona Mendoza (where he provided additional voices), Made in Mexico, 0.56% What happened to Mexico? And how much do they cost?? And Dream (where it premiered as co-producer).

His collaborations with Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna as well as his work on television

In addition to all these names, Lynn Fainchtein worked regularly with La Corriente del Golfo, the production company founded by Gael García Bernal and Diego Lunawhere he provided musical supervision for films such as Abel, Deficit, JC Chavez And Mr. Pig. However, his work alongside Mexican actors and directors also reached television, where he was responsible for the music of various titles such as: Here on earth there is bread and circusesAnd Everything will be fine.

And speaking of the small screen, as a music supervisor and producer, Lynn has been part of the team of several productions for Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Apple+, Fox and Star+. Just so you can verify the information: For the streaming giant, he has contributed his talent in titles such as: dark, tribes of Europe, fawn, The rain, chosen, The protector, Tidal areas, Green border, elite, The neighbor, We fall in love again and again, Ravens Club, The House of Flowers, Control Z, Are, monarch, Coisa Mais Linda and the bio series Selena.

For Amazon Prime Video – and beyond Bread and circus with Diego Luna–, Lynn Fainchtein has supervised the music for projects such as the second season of the Chilean series president or the Spanish No traces. As for HBO, he took part in the Emmy Award-winning series. Mr Avila from HBO and was also part of the team behind it It wasn’t my fault: Mexicoone of the first original titles from Star+ In our country.

The latest works by Lynn Fainchtein

Before her death, Lynn Fainchtein worked on several projects. One of them is – as we already mentioned DisclaimerAlfonso Cuarón’s series for Apple TV+. But he was also responsible for the musical supervision of the series on the same platform The Bluesbased on the story of the first police force in Mexico, created in the early 70s, starring Barbara Mori and directed by Fernando Rovzar.

As if that wasn’t enough, Lynn managed the musical and sound elements of the series A hundred years of lonelinessthe Netflix production based on Gabriel García Márquez’s masterpiece, which currently does not have a release date in the streaming giant’s catalog.

Welcome to Macondo: Check out the first preview of One Hundred Years of Solitude series on Netflix
Image from “One Hundred Years of Solitude”/Photo: Netflix

As you can see, A very talented woman has left us, who managed to reach millions of people with her sensitivity and musical knowledge. Maybe they didn’t know his name, but Their work will be remembered when they hear a song or melody from one of the films and series in which they contributed their talents, but also when they listen to the radio shows in which they headlined. May Lynn Fanchtein rest in peace.

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