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Porto have forgotten their second place in the league (and the title of their eternal rival, Benfica) based on Cups. Because Sergio Conceiçao’s men were proclaimed champions of the Taça, the Portuguese Cup, this Sunday after defeating Sporting de Braga (0-2). The third title for the dragons, as it adds to the League Cup won in January against Sporting and the Super Cup at the beginning of the season. A booty of three of the four possible national titles: great season.

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And he did it in a match in which he knew how to suffer against the great revelation of the season, Sporting de Braga, who had a hard time getting into the game. Porto, with the Spanish Iván Marcano as the starter, dominated the clash from the start and theirs were the best chances at the start, to the point of starring in a real siege on the goal of Matheus, the best of the bracarenses, in which Abel Ruiz and Víctor Gómez (later Álvaro Djaló would also appear) put the Spanish touch.

A Braga that did not wake up until before the break, in which they had their best chances, although after the return from the locker room the dominance returned to their rival. And this time he did manage to get ahead, with a cross from Galen that Horta put into his own goal (The Spaniard Toni Martínez was behind to push).

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The 0-1 seemed to settle the game, although a tackle from Wendell to Víctor Gómez ended with the Porto player being sent off. But even so, Braga was not able to prevail. The dragons then knew how to withdraw and wait for a counter like the one that led to the 0-2, the work of Otavio to pass again from Galen. A blow from which Braga did not know how to recover.

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