Home Sports Herlings wins the duel against Prado

Herlings wins the duel against Prado

Herlings wins the duel against Prado

The duel at the top that MXGP lives goes to the next level. Herlings and Meadow They had already met on the track before, of course, but in Latvia they did it fighting for the race victories and for the grand prix, and the KTM one won. He warned the Dutchman in qualifying, beating the Spanish by the minimum and fulfilled his threat by taking both races on Sunday. A triplet with which he is close to 15 points behind the Spaniard, second in Kegums. And Fernández, with problems in the second race, loses third place in favor of Febvre.

The result of the morning heat was a carbon copy of Saturday’s with the victory of Herlings ahead of Prado and Fernández, but the development of it was different. The GasGas from Lugo came out like a shot to take the holeshot house brand, although lately he had not been so used to it, and from there he wanted to impose his rhythm with his compatriot behind him. But before completing the first lap, Herlings passed Rubén and the hunt for the leader began, the same as in qualifying but with the roles reversed.

Knowing that his rival’s forte is the second part of the race, Prado sought to leave and managed to leave him ten seconds behind Herlings, including a crash, but from then on the Dutchman completely turned the race around with a devastating pace: He closed all that distance, passed Jorge with a determined maneuver and left to cross the finish line with a seven second advantage. A recital of power that was also seen with Fernández, who finished 20 seconds behind the winner when he got hit after his fall.

Seeing how the first sleeve was, the second, with the most slippery track after a downpour, seemed difficult for Prado’s aspirations. He gave it his all, also scoring the holeshot, but this time his dominance lasted three laps, when Febvre overtook him. Later, he also lost the position with a Herlings who returned to the direct victory beating the Frenchman. Prado keeps the red plate, but the pressure from Herlings is increasing. Fernández, for his part, had to go through the pits with damage to his Honda when he was fifth, which relegated him to 18th place and remains 12 points behind Febvre’s third.

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