Home Sports Kings League Draft: Gerard Piqué’s League Access Test Dates Revealed

Kings League Draft: Gerard Piqué’s League Access Test Dates Revealed

Kings League Draft: when and where are Gerard Piqué's league access tests

Just over a week ago, Kings League made a significant milestone in its history by hosting the biggest competition so far in Mexico, the Kings League World Cup. While the celebration was still in full swing, the reality of the competition is that there is no rest for the weary. In fact, the storm may be over, but the emotions that come with it have only just begun.

Pigs was crowned the champion of the Final Four at the BBVA Stadium in Monterrey, becoming the Kings League world champion. However, the joy of their victory was tempered by the news that all teams in the competition will have to say goodbye to three of their players to make way for new recruits through the draft.

As the league continues to learn from the NBA, one of the most important aspects of the competition is the draft, where teams choose new players based on their performance. To get a glimpse of the conditions of these “newbies,” players participate in tryouts to showcase their physical and playing abilities.

Before the fourth split arrives in September, three players will leave each team and three new players will be selected in the draft. The teams will get to see the candidates who will be entering the competition at the Cupra Arena on June 18, during the draft tryouts. Like before, this will not be possible to do online or in person, as it is a confidential process for the teams.

As the draft approaches, the teams will need to sharpen their focus to identify the top talent. The order of the draft is determined by the results of the first two rounds, with the third round being a pure draw. The teams that performed the worst in the first two rounds will get to choose first, with the best performing teams choosing last.

Additionally, there is a unique twist this time around, as Saiyans and Los Troncos will have two picks in the first round due to transactions with draft picks. TheGrefg and Perxitaa will also enter the draw for the first four positions, while Perxitaa will choose ninth overall.

Here is the order of the draft picks:

* 1-4. Barcelona Lightning
* 1-4. The neighborhood
* 1-4. PIO FC
* 1-4. Saiyans (Kunisports)
* 5. xBuyer Team
* 6. 1K FC
* 7. Pigs
* 8. The Trunks
* 9. The Trunks (Jijantes)
* 10. Saiyans
* 11. Ultimate Mostoles
* 12. Annihilators

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