Katia’s e-commerce boost favors the growth of physical stores in Spain

katiaa multinational specialized in materials for textile crafts, has a network of 3,600 physical stores in Europe that market their products and that they sell through Katia.com. As reported by the company in a statement, its e-commerce, which has grown by 130% since 2020, has allowed the firm to increase its global sales by 20% and favor the growth of local businesses in the sector.

Almost all companies in Spain are SMEs (99.88%, according to the INE), so it is in the general interest to preserve and promote local commerce. Katia, present in more than 50 countries, has created the platform katia.com to grow together with the stores that sell their products, contributing to the continuity of their business. Thus, it is the physical stores that sell Katia that maintain a direct relationship with consumers, also including those who buy through e-commerce.

In 2022, in Spain, 56% of Katia’s online orders were sent by the stores closest to the recipient. The remaining percentage leaves the warehouses, something that only happens when the physical store does not have enough stock. Globally, last year, through 61% of e-commerce purchases in Europe were sent from stores in SpainFrance, Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Portugal.

Due to the “input” reported by ecommerce, in terms of the number of orders and agility, local stores have been able to adapt and maintain their business, despite the obstacles that have arisen in the market in recent years. Specific, almost half (47%) have acquired new customers thanks to ecommerce and most of them turn to the sales results of electronic commerce to guide their offer (54%) and introduce new products (52%).

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From Lanas Marshalone of Katia’s oldest Spanish stores, affirm that “This business has a future because of the young public, who have become fond of textile work in the pandemic and thanks to Internet tutorials”and add that “with e-commerce we reach people who, due to time or distance, cannot come in person”.

The French Haberdashery Sabinefor his part, adds that “Katia’s online site helps stores to have an organized sales system, which ensures the maintenance of our business after 36 years open and despite the pandemic.”

Sònia Castelló, CEO of KatiaMaintains that “Integrating local and proximity businesses into e-commerce offers an opportunity for both our stores and our consumers.” And explain that “Stores have the possibility of selling online without worrying about all the management of having and maintaining a website and our consumers have the opportunity to approach their neighborhood store of a lifetime in case they want advice to carry out their project”

This is Katia’s way of continuing to promote the “crafter community”, an essential objective for the brand, “since, behind each one of the stores, there is a group of fans of textile crafts that meet and have fun creating”concludes Castello.

This strategy with respect to local commerce and the relationship with customers increases the valuation ratio of the online shopping experience. So, 97% of users recommend Katia’s electronic platform in collaboration with stores.

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