Karishma Kapoor was in love with this actor before Abhishek Bachchan, today he is Tanuja’s son-in-law…

Karishma Kapoor was in love with this actor before Abhishek Bachchan, today he is Tanuja's son-in-law...

In the 90s, Karisma’s name used to appear on the top Bollywood actresses. Karishma definitely comes from the Kapoor family, but in the world of cinema she has left her own mark. Along with beauty, Karishma also specializes in acting and dancing. Ella Karishma married businessman Sanjay Kapoor at the peak of her career, whom she later divorced. Karishma was also discussing her personal life. Even before Sanjay Kapoor, two people came into the life of the actress.

Yes, very few people will know that Karishma Kapoor and Ajay Devgan have also ever dated. At the peak of her career, Karisma Kapoor had a crush on Ajay Devgan. Both of them appeared together in movies like Suhaag, Jigar. As they worked together, the closeness between the two grew and they fell in love. But in the meantime, Ajay Devgan’s name became associated with Raveena Tandon, after which Karishma broke up with him.

After this, Karishma’s name became associated with Abhishek Bachchan. Karishma and Abhishek were about to get married. They both loved each other madly. When Karisma and Abhishek met, Karisma was a superstar and Abhishek was new to movies. Suddenly, in 2002, the news came that Karishma-Abhishek was getting married. Both also got engaged, but this relationship did not last long and after five months of dating, both separated. It is said that Babita was not happy with the marriage of Abhishek and Karishma.

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