Kangana Ranaut took aim at Diljit Dosanjh regarding Khalistanis, said: ‘Polls are in, next issue’

Kangana Ranaut has again targeted Diljit Dosanjh. Amid the Punjab police crackdown on radical Sikh and Punjab De boss heir Amritpal Singh, Kangana also posted a warning for Diljit. She tweeted sharing a popular meme that is running all over social media these days.

Kangana shared a post on Twitter and Instagram Stories, which was first posted by Swiggy India. In this one, many types of pulses were displayed on which ‘Pulse I Pulse’ was written. Tagging Diljit in her tweet, she wrote ‘Just saying’. She added a Khalistan sticker on Instagram Stories with the word Strikethrough. He said, “Diljit Dosanjh ji surveys aagai surveys.”

In another, he wrote: “To all who support Khalistanis, remember the next issue is yours. The polls are in. This is not the time someone used to do something, betray the country or try to break it up.” Now henna will be done. You’re next, the police are here. Now no one can do what they want. If you want to cheat the country or tear it to pieces, it will take a long time.

We report that these Kangana posts came after the Punjab police launched a campaign against Amritpal Singh and his associates on Saturday. Police said a total of 114 arrests have been made so far in the case and there is strong suspicion of ISI and foreign funding. In 2020, Ludhiana Congress MP Ravneet Singh Bittu accused Diljit of supporting Khalistanis. Diljit had replied, ‘I am an Indian taxpayer, who has always stood shoulder to shoulder with the country and Punjab in times of need.’

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