Kailash Kher angry due to the delay in the event, advises the city of Tehzeeb in Lucknow to learn manners

: Singer and playback performer Kailash Kher is one of the most demanding artists in India. He recently was invited to perform at the ‘Khelo India University Games 2023’ in Lucknow. The program was launched by the Prime Minister himself. But Kailash Kher’s experience regarding this event was bad and he lashed out at the organizers. The video of him is also going viral on social media.

Kailash Kher performed some of his most special numbers at the ‘Khelo India University Games 2023’ launch event, however several videos of the singer lashing out at the organizers accusing the organizers of mismanagement and mismanagement are going viral on the internet. bad management. In a video that went viral, Kailash can be heard saying into the microphone from the stage: “You are showing intelligence, learn manners first. He made us wait for an hour, what is this Khelo India? Someone does not know how to work, if he wants to talk, he will say so much that he will leave everything. ,

In another video, he can also be heard saying that despite the delay and mismanagement, he acted for the public and the country. He said, “If I have been called for a performance, then the next hour is completely mine. I adore my homeland India and its citizens. But the management must be proper, otherwise the show will continue to be interrupted.” Kher somehow calmed down and then went on to rock the event with some of his most popular numbers.

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