Home Sports Jorge Mendes sneaks another goal into Florentino Pérez: Real Madrid will swallow

Jorge Mendes sneaks another goal into Florentino Pérez: Real Madrid will swallow

From the environment of the soccer superagent there would be a movement that the white boss was not expecting

Real Madrid could be surprised by another of the movements it hopes to make jorge mendes in the meringue template. And it is that the Portuguese representative has been in charge of doing a good number of operations with Florentino Pérez, but on this occasion he could be key in an exit.

Let’s remember that Jorge Mendes has brought several stars closer to Real Madrid and the relations between both parties are good. This yes, also there are some own interests and one of them has to do with one of his represented, which causes worry in the environment of the whites.

Jorge Mendes Real Madrid
The agent advances a march in the white club

Jorge Mendes could cause an unexpected exit at Real Madrid and where Florentino will have to make decisions

In this way, it has been possible to establish that a type of betrayal would take place within the Bernabéu club. This, on account of one of the players who are still unclear about his future in the team and who prefers to pack his bags. It treats of Marco Asensio, one of the own names of the market.

In that order of ideas, the Spaniard who has not yet signed his renewal, would be about to make some demands to continue dressed in the elastic meringue. The first of these is a salary increase, which should arrive once the new contract is signed. Also, he wants a loyalty bonus of about 10 million euros.

Marco Asensio could leave Real Madrid if his requests are not met

For Jorge Mendes, it will be best if the Real Madrid winger leaves, as he has some big offers. In turn, these can meet that request of 10 ‘kilos’ for a player who, although he is comfortable in Chamartín, would not hesitate to leave if his requests are not met.

We will have to wait then for what can happen with this movement. For now, the merengue club would have to swallow in case the Balearic winger leaves. The idea was to generate a renewal as soon as possible, but it seems and thanks to the management of the Portuguese, his future would be in the Premier or in Serie A.

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