Javier Milei stops flying on commercial aircraft for safety reasons

The President of Argentina, Javier Milei, decided to stop flying on commercial aircraft after the Security Department warned that there are “certain risks” if the president travels aboard commercial aircraft.

As presidential spokesman Manuel Adorni detailed at a press conference, the security department sent a “reserved report” to all parties involved containing this proposal, according to the Argentine newspaper Clarín.

“The Department of Security has warned us of certain risks that exist if the President continues to fly on regular or commercial flights. The president can no longer travel on commercial flights,” Adorni said.

Upon his arrival at Casa Rosada, Milei announced that he would no longer use the presidential aircraft “Tango 01” as a gesture of austerity measures as part of the aggressive cuts in public spending that his cabinet is trying to implement.

For this reason, the Argentine president had previously traveled by commercial aircraft on his foreign trips, and images of Milei greeting travelers aboard the plane were commonplace.

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