Milei reiterated his claim to the Malvinas and called on the Argentines to reconcile with the armed forces

He President of Argentina, Javier Milei, reaffirmed the “unwavering claim” to sovereignty over the Malvinas and called the Argentines to one “Reconciliation” with the Bundeswehr that in 1982, during the dictatorship, they declared war on the United Kingdom to gain control of the South Atlantic archipelago.

In front of the Buenos Aires cenotaph commemorating the 649 Argentines killed in the war that declared the United Kingdom a bloody dictatorship (1976-1983), Milei declared on the 42nd anniversary of Veterans and Fallen Day in the Malvinas War that “No one listens to or respects a country that only produces poverty and whose politicians despise their own armed forces.”

“There is no sovereignty without economic prosperity and no economic prosperity without freedom,” said the president, who promised that his administration would “make a real and sincere claim (regarding the Malvinas), not just mere words, in international forums without influence to promote reality.”

“We propose a state limited to its essential functions and the freedom to produce, work, trade and circulate,” Milei listed, considering economic prosperity essential “to be able to claim its sovereignty and from others Nations to be respected.”

“But the economy alone is not enough, there is no sovereignty and no international respect for our interests when the political leadership does everything to tarnish the name of our armed forces.”he said, blaming the military’s “policy of harassment and humiliation.”

“That time is over, they are proud of our nation, they will enjoy the respect that has long been denied them,” he said.

Argentina has claimed sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands through diplomatic channels since the warwhich lasted 74 days and ended with the surrender of the South American country and the death toll of 649 Argentines and 255 Britons. AFP

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