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Izan Guevara is left without the start of the season: “I will come back stronger”

Izan Guevara is left without the start of the season: "I will come back stronger"

To the contrast that hovered around Izan Guevara Within his debut in the intermediate class, an explanation was sought from the first moment the Spaniard got off Moto2. From being proclaimed Moto3 champion after becoming the sensation of the category, at a too discreet start as rookies, He lacked arguments that the Aspar team has revealed after much speculation: the Spaniard’s right arm shows signs “compatible with chronic compartment syndrome and a triangular ligament lesion. that will leave Izan out of the start of a World Cup, which began against the odds for the pilot from the outset.

On the first day of private tests held in Jerez, Guevara suffered a very strong fall just go out on the track. He spent practically the rest of the day without riding because of the pain, tried to get back to normal on the second day and also made an appearance at the official tests in Portimao, where it became clear that something was wrong. The discomfort in the hand persisted and this Monday the Spaniard underwent a medical examination that confirmed the injury for which the Spaniard has undergone surgery. The GasGas Aspar pilot “He will miss at least the first two races” and that means that in addition to being low in Portugal, he will not appear in Argentina next week either.

The intervention was carried out in the middle of this week with the intention that Guevara’s reappearance and debut in Moto2 will take place in the Americas, from April 14 to 16. It is estimated that the recovery will take about four weeks, but the Moto3 champion promises to “be back soon, stronger and more motivated than ever”. Until the process is completed it will be Jordi Torres, Rider from the Valencia MotoE team, who accompanies Jake Dixon in the Aspar box during the start of the World Championship. Catalan will not be rookie in the middle class, since he already competed with the Spanish team and even achieved a victory with them in 2013, but his incorporation It will be “an apprenticeship and training for the MotoE World Championship”.

Torres knows that this is a passing opportunity and hopes that “Izan have a speedy recovery.” “The most important thing is that I come back stronger than before” and for his part, the driver of the electric contest is “happy for the opportunity to return to a category that I left in 2014”. Things have changed quite a bit since then. “everything is different from what I left ten years ago”, but any learning is welcome, especially when it comes to “rivals that are on another level”. Moto2 “is a great challenge”, but at the same time an opportunity to sign his third title in MotoE.

“Everything went perfectly”

Barely a few hours passed between the team’s statement and the intervention of an Izan Guevara for whom “everything went perfectly”. The Spaniard thanks “the Dexeus hospital and Dr. Mir and Dr. Charte for their magnificent treatment” and despite the fact that he is living “a somewhat difficult start to the season” (within a few laps, he was losing strength in his right arm and had quite a bit of pain in his wrist), the Spanish is “focused now on recovery” of his two injuries. Fortunately, that of the triangular ligament of his right hand He did not need intervention, but he did need a rehabilitation process that will begin “next week to return as soon as possible.” At the moment he has already made it home, since the Aspar pilot has received a medical discharge, and although he knows that now will have to adapt “to the category on the fly”, all their work will be focused on being “100% as soon as possible”.

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