iPad mini 6: Apple ensures jerky screen scrolling is normal

The new iPad mini 6 is a major update over the previous generation, but its screen suffers from a choppy scrolling issue. Unfortunately for those who have been waiting for an update, it will likely never happen.

As the first customers begin to receive Apple’s new iPad mini 6 tablets, some have noticed that the scrolling is choppy, which can affect the user experience on apps like social media. Indeed, 6th gen iPad mini seems to refresh each half of the screen separately instead of refreshing the entire screen at once.

Ars Technica explains that the problem occurs because the iPad starts showing lines on one side of the screen, and it takes time to switch from one side to the other. A tiny amount of time, certainly, but which can be noticeable depending on the device and the user. This problem, called “jelly scrolling”, results in an oscillation effect between the left part and the right part when the content is moving quickly.

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The screen of the iPad mini 6 is perfectly normal, according to Apple

According to Apple, this behavior of the screen would not be abnormal since it is an LCD screen and not an OLED. Apple explained to Ars Technica that these screens refresh line by line, which creates a slight lag between when the top and bottom lines of the screen are refreshed. This gives the impression that the right side of the screen refreshes slightly faster than the left side.

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This is a rather surprising answer, since this unpleasant effect does not occur on other devices with similar screens operating at 60 Hz. The iPad Air and the iPad, for example, do not have the same problem. jerky scrolling. In his response, Apple also does not explain why there is a separator line in the middle of the screen..

Anyway, since Apple has stated that this “problem” is normal, don’t expect it to be resolved in a future update, which could annoy some customers who still spent 559 euros at least to afford the tablet.

Source: Ars Technica

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