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iOS 17: 5 new features that can already be found on Android

Yesterday, at the start of WWDC 2023, Apple officially unveiled iOS 17. This is the latest version of the iPhone operating system and it comes with a wide range of new features for all supported devices.

The rivalry between iOS and Android also reaches the features they present. For this reason, we now present five novelties presented with iOS 17 that can already be seen in its main rival.

1 – Standby mode

One of the novelties presented that Apple will add to iOS 17 is a new mode called standby. This will transform the interface of your iPhone whenever it is charging, horizontally, to display relevant information.

iOS 17

Users will be able to choose different types of clocks or choose different widgets that will display information relevant to or associated with their smart home. Basically, it will turn your iPhone into something similar to a Google Nest Hub.

The Google Pixel already have similar characteristics, in the same circumstances, for a few years. Also here, users will be able to view photos, smart home controls, media playback and more while their smartphone is charging.

2 – Voicemail with instant transcription

With the release of iOS 17, all compatible iPhones will also have a feature that will allow you to transcribe your voicemail messages. This will be done instantly during a call and will be displayed on the iPhone’s lock screen.

Also in the Google Pixel we can find an option similar to what Google calls “Call Screen”. It’s been around since 2018 and uses the Google Assistant to answer calls for you, find out who’s calling, and provide a transcript of your responses.

3 – Using Apple Maps offline

The Maps application is one of those that will receive an important novelty with the release of iOS 17. Strictly speaking, it will be possible to download locations to the iPhone and thus use the application even without an internet connection.

This feature will not be strange to everyone who uses Google Maps, since it was launched by Google in 2012. Here, too, users can download maps to their smartphone and use them for offline navigation.

4 – Leave a video message when a FaceTime call is not answered

From now on, when one of your contacts doesn’t answer a FaceTime call, you can leave a message via a short video message. This way they will know the reason for your call and respond as soon as possible.

The Google Duo app also provided a similar option that allowed the user to leave a 30-second message. Although this Google app has already been discontinued, we can say that this feature was not invented by Apple.

5 – Simplification of Siri summon commands

As far as Siri is concerned, iOS 17 will make it easier for users to communicate with this personal assistant. This can be activated with the “Siri” voice command, and you no longer have to say “Hey Siri” to wake it up.

Also, you will be able to give several consecutive commands to Siri without having to invoke it each time. These options have been no stranger to Google Assistant users for about four years.

iOS 17 is now in its beta phase and is expected to reach all users in September of this year. You can know all the Apple iPhones compatible with this operating system.

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