Indian actor Aman Dhaliwal attacked in US gym

Indian actor Aman Dhaliwal attacked in US gym
Image (c) Gagandeep Singh via Twitter @Gagan4344

In the United States of America, Indian actor and former model Arman Dhaliwal was taken hostage on Thursday and attacked by a man with an axe. This happened in a gym in California. A video of this has gone viral on social media.

The video shows the assailant, dressed in a blue hoodie, grabbing the actor’s arm – the ax in the same hand – and yelling loudly for water. “Please respect us. Give me water. I need water,” he yells out loud.

The assailant then yells at the 36-year-old actor, who remains calm throughout. “You want to take advantage of me!” he yells first at the actor and then at the others in the gym, while his back is turned to Dhaliwal.

As the attacker diverts his attention from Dhaliwal, the six-foot actor seizes the moment and tackles the man to the ground. Others immediately rush in to subdue the attacker. Reports indicate that the man has been arrested.

Dhaliwal is most famous for his portrayal of the character Rajkumar Ratan Singh in the Bollywood blockbuster Jodhaa Akbar. The former model has also worked in Indian TV shows and Hollywood movies.

The images can be seen below:

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