India: Kongthong, a village where people call each other by melodies

Perched in the clouds of the far northeast of India, Kongthong village is unique in the world. Its inhabitants, since they were small, are not called not by a first name, but by a sound, a sung score. In all climates, including children, the melody replaces the screams. Everyone knows the sound of their loved ones and everyone has their own. Family mothers have been composing their son’s music since birth, and thent in this sound. “Everything comes from an immense feeling of love for our children”, explains one of them.

Small tones escape from each house. For Rothell Khongsit, presented as the head of the village, this tradition must be preserved. “The whole world is changing, and probably tradition and culture, he develops. Thanks to our traditions, we feel that our village is one of the richest in the world. “ Several local chefs want to register Kongthong to UNESCO’s intangible heritage.

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