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India: 9-year-old Dalit girl gang-raped and killed in crematorium

The parents of a nine-year-old Hindu girl who was the victim of the horrific incident accused a Hindu sadhu and three other people of assaulting her as she left the house to fetch water.

According to the British news agency BBC, the girl’s mother said that when she protested against the forced burning of her daughter’s body, they threatened her and closed the door of the crematorium.

The girl belonged to the Dalit community, a backward class of Hindus who had long been considered untouchable in Hindu society. The girl’s parents live outside the shrine of a Muslim Sufi saint, begging for alms. The shrine is located opposite a crematorium in the Nangal area of ​​Delhi.

This girl was the only child of her parents. The girl’s mother added that on Sunday night she sent her daughter to fetch water from the crematorium, which is a few hundred meters from her hut.

An hour later, when the girl did not return home, I went out to see her. In the crematorium, I found him unconscious on the floor. Her lips were turning blue, her nose was bleeding, her wrists and hands were bruised, and her clothes were getting wet.

He said that a Hindu sadhu and his three disciples at the cremation ground advised him not to call the police and said that the police would carry out an autopsy on the girl, remove parts of her body and sell them.

The girl’s mother alleged that the four men closed the door of the crematorium so that they could not leave, intimidated them and even offered them money.

The girl’s father said that when he arrived at the crematorium with about 150 villagers, his daughter’s body was almost burned. Villagers said they called the police and threw water on the burning pyre to prevent the girl’s body from being burned, but only her legs survived, making it impossible to confirm the rape at autopsy.

A senior police official said that a case had been registered against the defendants under the gang rape, murder and forced labor provisions on the statements of the parents.

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