If you want to get the highest salary, which country should you go to?

Every one of us wants to increase our income and improve our life, for this purpose people also migrate and settle down in developed countries where their life can be better.

But do you know which countries in the world have the highest average monthly income?

Recently, World of Statistics released a list of countries with the highest average salary on Twitter. It includes countries like Switzerland, Luxembourg, Singapore, America, Iceland, Qatar, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands and Australia.

In this case, Switzerland ranks first in the world where the average net monthly salary of people is 6 thousand 96 dollars.

In second place is Luxembourg where the average income is 5 thousand 15 dollars, Singapore is 4 thousand 989 dollars, USA is 4 thousand 245 dollars and Iceland is 4 thousand 7 dollars salary.

Apart from them, Qatar and Australia are also included in this list, remember that the facilities provided to employees in the countries mentioned are more than other countries.

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