“I took complete advantage of Aamir Khan…” What did Kiran Rao say to her ex-husband?

The film “Missing Ladies” will be released in cinemas worldwide on March 1st. This film was directed by Kiran Rao and with this film Kiran has returned to directing after years. Previously, Kiran Rao had directed the film Peepli Live. New actors have been cast in the film Laapta Ladies and the trailer of the film is very popular. Kiran Rao is currently busy doing promotions ahead of the film’s release.

During the promotion, she gave an interview in which she talked about using her ex-husband Aamir Khan. Let us tell you why he said that and what he said next. Aamir Khan also participated in the promotion of the film Laapta Ladies as he has produced the film. But Kiran Rao went it alone in the interview with Bollywood Bubble. In it he told many things about Aamir Khan.

In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Kiran Rao was asked a few questions about Aamir Khan, which Kiran answered candidly. He openly said that he had no problem taking the name Aamir Khan. In this interview, Kiran Rao was asked that Aamir Khan was seen with you during the promotions of Laapta Ladies. He supported you shoulder to shoulder. He went to every place he was supposed to be. Aamir Khan must have helped you a lot in filmmaking?

Kiran Rao replied, “Of course I took full advantage of her, I took full advantage of her star power wherever I could.” I’m here. If he were standing, she would say, give me three more pictures. I tell everyone, brother, the film is coming on March 1, see Aamir Khan made it. So they say: Come and see. You know, I use them. I do it without shying away from it.

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Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao divorced in 2021. She married in 2005 and has a son, Azad Rao Khan. Kiran and Aamir separated by mutual consent and they still share a good friendship.

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