The Government of Pakistan has facilitated the ‘Car Gift Scheme’ for overseas Pakistanis. Compatriots living in other countries, including Saudi Arabia, can send a used car once in two years.

Vehicles sent under the car gift scheme should not be more than 5 seater, 3 years old and 7 seater five years old. The Commercial Section of the Pakistani Embassy or Consulate issues a vehicle import form which has to be filled and submitted. It is necessary to enter on the form to whom the vehicle will be given.

The car can be gifted to any of your blood relatives in Pakistan.

A spokesman for the consulate said that the impression that the vehicle given as a gift was duty-free was incorrect and that the agency concerned was levying customs on the old vehicle.

He said that the sender of the vehicle will have to transfer the duty from Saudi Arabia while the duty will be collected in Pakistan on arrival of the vehicle, here the customs officials will decide the delivery of the vehicle and other matters.

Required Documents

The sender of the vehicle must submit a copy of the residency, a monthly income certificate, and a copy of the passport stamped with a first-time visitor to Saudi Arabia. The vehicle being gifted in Pakistan will require a photocopy of the identity card of the nominee.



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