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How many banknotes do Saudi citizens use?

According to the Saudi website, the largest number of banknotes traded daily in Saudi Arabia is in the southern region, according to the first national survey of its kind in the kingdom.

According to the report, 48% of southern Saudis use banknotes every day, followed by the northern and western parts of the country with 37% of banknotes, while the central and eastern regions use banknotes daily. The transaction is 20%.

The Saudi National Financial Technology Survey reports that around 60% of Saudis use banknotes at least once a week, with one in four transacting with currency.

One interesting thing about the banknote transactions in the report is that the decrease in banknote usage is also related to age.

For example, 18% of young people aged 16-22 per day, 21% of those aged 23-29, 23% of those aged 30-39, 29% of those aged 40-49 people Ages 50-59. 38% of people in India and 46% of people aged 60 and over trade banknotes on a daily basis.

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