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The problems that have caused the situation of Barcelona

As we have already been able to know, since it has been echoed in all the football media as well as those that are not, Leo Messi is out of the FC Barcelona Due to the serious economic situation that the culé team is going through.

Everyone focuses on the Argentine star, but in Can Barça they are going through the worst situation in their history, due to the exorbitant investments they decided to make when they were in an “economic boom”.

The Barça has to continue selling

It is true that no one could foresee the global pandemic situation that we are still going through, but it is more than evident that Bartomeu’s management has been disastrous from every objective point of view.

Due to this, the azulgrana team it looks mandatory not only to get rid of a franchise player like Messi, but must keep selling several of his ‘valuable’ players to comply with the regulations imposed by La Liga, which has been forceful in this regard (which is completely logical, since it would not be fair to be more permissive with respect to the rest of the clubs)

The ‘I want and I can’t’ and the ‘trending’ players have also taken their toll in Spain

I also think that we can already say (at once) that it is just as evident that inflation in the football market has swept away the big Spanish clubs, Madrid Y Barcelona, who have always enjoyed financial solvency until today, finding themselves in a daunting situation that would probably cause the disappearance of any other club, at least in the case of FC Barcelona, ​​since it is true that Real Madrid has managed to manage its resources with greater responsibility so as not to end up in the situation of the entity that presides Joan Laporta.

The Spanish “giants” trusted themselves and believed they had the same solvency enjoyed by the great clubs of England. The Barça squandered above their possibilities, with the permission of the ‘bosses’ of Spanish football (League and Federation), until you reach the point of paying exorbitant amounts by players who did not deserve it.

The truth is that, being honest, practically no player deserves to be worth more than 100 million euros, but the English market and the Spanish clubs with greater economic amounts have caused any player, who stands out and becomes ‘trending’, to approach that figure.

All this mess of situations has ended in a situation that Barça has to go through and from which, not only Barça, but also the rest of the clubs must learn.


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