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Hillary Clinton became a novelist

Former US President Bill Clinton’s wife and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton became a novelist, her first novel ‘State of Terror’ was published.

According to foreign media, Hillary Clinton co-wrote a novel with novelist Louis Penny, which is her first novel, entitled “State of Terror”.

media Reports According to the report, the plot of the novel is related to the new US administration, in which President Dunn is portrayed in the role of Donald Trump, whose government, as usual, is facing other problems, including terrorism with domestic and foreign enemies.

The novel begins with a series of bus bombings involving Britain, the masterminds of which are pursued as far as Oman, Iran, Russia and Pakistan. The book is about 500 pages long. ۔

According to the report, the state of terror has been released by Macmillan, which is priced at 20.

Hillary Clinton recently said in a statement that writing a thriller with Louis is like a dream come true, I have read every one of her books.

Louis Penny is a mystery novelist from the Canadian province of Quebec, whose novels include the ‘Chief Inspector Gamche’ series.


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