Higher than since the fall of the Berlin Wall

He Dominican Ambassador to Germany, Francisco Caraballosaid that the inflation it is global and as such is perceived in all countries, with the aggravating circumstance that in Germany it has reached high levels since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

It is a reality, it is a situation that affects everyone. The energy costs also increasedalthough “it is being faced and measures are being taken to smooth this out a bit.”

With regard to FAO’s position that it already in February some world basic goods register moderate prices and even though there are increases, others have fallen, the diplomat pointed out that there are certainly stable products, but it is highly variable, since Germany plays a very important role in the conflict in Ukraine and the effects are felt.

People notice the inflation due to the high cost of energy, what goes in chain and affects other products. In Germany, lights are turned off where there are many lanterns, as if it were saving.

About the ambassador confirmed that there have been savings and said that even in winter, in Germany, people were asked to save energy to the extent that German citizens were asked to reduce the time they spend in the showers, because shortages were expected, but there was no such situation, because there is enough gas.

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