Here are the 6 foods that contain more vitamin C than oranges

Vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid, is often associated with orange. But if this citrus provides a significant dose to our body (47.5 mg per 100 g), other fruits and vegetables contain more. Here are six to favor in our diet.

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An exotic fruit that is sometimes scarce on the stalls of our French markets, the guava contains per 100 g more than 220 mg of vitamin C. Low in sugar, but rich in fiber, it can be consumed in the form of juice, and we will help to stimulate our body, as well as to strengthen our immune defenses.


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Provided with minerals and vitamin A, the red pepper, which can preferably be added raw in salads, contains three times more vitamin C than the orange, that is, 121 mg per 100 g. We also do not hesitate to buy yellow and green bell peppers that remain well ranked among the foods richest in ascorbic acid.


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Due to its high nutrient content, this red fruit is considered a “super food”. Per 100 g of berries consumed, the intake of vitamin C is 180 mg. Therefore, it can be enjoyed fresh or with cereal or yogurt for breakfast.

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