He defrauded the Florida police union of 15 million pesos and ended up in prison

The justice of Florida charged a man and a woman with fraud on Wednesday Police union According to a report from the Financial Crimes Division, the amount is 15 million pesos Interpol, Underlined agreed.

The Fraud It started in 2016 and lasted until 2021, when cash transfers to the couple stopped for benefits that never materialized.

The man with the initials DAGF, who posed under a false name as the owner of an equally apocryphal company, was charged with repeated offenses of fraud and a continuing crime of usurpation of property rights and was placed in preventive detention for 120 days as a precautionary measure.

The woman with the initials SPFM was also charged with repeat fraud offences, but with the precaution of establishing her address and not changing it without notifying the court. In addition, he had to report to the police in his place of residence weekly and his travel documents were confiscated. All for a period of 120 days.


According to the report of the Interpol Financial Crimes Department, the fraudster offered the police officers affiliated to the union a comprehensive range of services, which included, among others: “rental guarantee, phthalmological service, life insurance in case of accidents, house fire insurance, legal advice” and notarial services, lifelines, pet cremation , courses, scholarships, discounts at more than 1,000 participating locations and monthly and exclusive raffles for union members.”

The contract between the police union and this alleged company was never signed, according to police investigations, but the couple still received monthly transfers of P350,000.

The tax and police investigations revealed that fictitious raffles were also organized with false winners and prizes that actually did not exist.

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Holiday cabins were also offered to supposed beneficiaries who had never used them.

The police eventually collected the evidence and requested permission for a raid in the metropolitan area, during which the now accused fraudsters were arrested.

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