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Hans Lindberg, the GOAT of the Bundesliga

Hans Lindberg, the GOAT of the Bundesliga

This was to be Hans Lindberg’s last season at the Fuchse Berlin, because the German winger will turn 42 during the summer and the sports manager, the renowned Stefan Krestzchmar, He wants to rejuvenate the squad. Lindberg, a European and world champion with Denmark, was upset when the club announced early in the season that he would not be renewed. In February Hans broke his hand, apparently due to a fall in Spain, and according to what was published in Germany because he was somewhat damaged that night.

However, he returned to the track after nine weeks without playing, and in April the Berlin club extended the extension of his contract for one year as a player given that the squad has injury problems in his position. almost two months later Lindberg became the GOAT of the Berlin Foxes when he scored 12 goals over the weekend against Minden in the Bundesliga match, to be the top scorer in the history of that competition.

Until now, and since 2008, it was the Korean left-back Kyung-Shin Yoon (2.02 meters) who had the scoring record: 2,905 goals. Almost coinciding with the retirement of the Korean Lindberg, he came to Hamburg (seven seasons), and then to Berlin (another seven), and in those 14 years he has already scored 2,907 goals. For this reason, and although he was not expected to break the record yet (he was 10 goals away from matching it), the Berlin fans came to the track wearing the team’s green shirt with the winger’s name and GOAT underneath. With one more year, he will possibly reach 3,000 goals: 200 per season. Lindberg, already a legend, and Gidsel, the new Danish star, will be the two spotlights of the Europa League Final Four this weekend in Flensburg, with Granollers among the four teams fighting for the title,

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