Half of the workers generally considered essential in sectors such as transport, industry, hospitality or telecommunications do not feel valued by their employer, according to a survey published this Wednesday by Microsoft.

In your annual report "Labor Trends Index", disclosed yesterday Wednesday by the company that owns the professional portal LinkedIn, 51% of non-manager essential workers surveyed said they did not feel valued.

Specifically, this is how 54% of these workers in the transport sector responded; 53% in energy production; 52% in telecommunications; 50% in the manufacturing industry and 48% in the hotel industry.

At the opposite extreme, only 20% of essential workers in the world of health said they did not feel valued by their employer, the lowest figure of all sectors, after two years of the covid-19 pandemic in which they have played a fundamental role.

By countries, essential employees in Japan feel the least valued (75%), followed by those from the UK (55%), Australia (52%) and Brazil (51%).

By contrast, Indians feel valued the most (only 23% of essentials say they are not held in sufficient esteem), followed by Mexicans (37%) and Americans (44%).

The Microsoft survey also found that 76% of essential employees feel "strong links" with your co-workers, but the majority (62%) believe that their bosses do not prioritize the creation of a "company culture".

The three main reasons that the people consulted gave for a hypothetical change of job were, in this order, to earn more money, achieve a better balance between professional and personal life and receive periodic salary increases.

The Microsoft survey was conducted among 9,600 full-time and part-time essential workers from eight different countries, and belonging to eight different industries between October 28 and November 19 of last year.



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