Home World Guillermo Lasso reaches his second year of Government in Ecuador

Guillermo Lasso reaches his second year of Government in Ecuador

Guillermo Lasso reaches his second year of Government in Ecuador

Quito (BLAZETRENDS).- The second anniversary of the conservative Guillermo Lasso in power finds the ruler as a second-rate player in the political life of an Ecuador immersed in the search for his successor, after he dissolved Parliament under the so-called “cross death”, which contemplates holding early general elections.

With a message to the nation in the south of Quito due to the impossibility of offering it to Parliament, Guillermo Lasso celebrates two years in office this Wednesday for which he was appointed until May 2025, but which has been cut short by invoking the “death crusade” due to “serious political crisis and internal commotion”.

After several threats to apply it during different political and social struggles, Lasso finally adopted the measure last week in the midst of a censorship impeachment trial opened against him by the opposition for alleged embezzlement, which he denies.

In 2022, Lasso already raffled a motion of no confidence in the midst of protests led by the indigenous movement, which paralyzed the country for 18 days, and which left 7 deaths.

Fight against drug trafficking

For the political analyst César Ulloa, in his two years in office, Lasso demonstrated “respect for civil and political rights”, was “quite respectful” of press freedom and “emphasized the fight against chronic child malnutrition.”

Likewise, he highlighted the “harmonious relationship” with multinationals and the signing of trade agreements, such as those with China and Costa Rica; a “healthy relationship” with the European Union, and a strengthening of the relationship with the US, but his strongest action was the successful vaccination process against covid-19.

The Government highlights the constant efforts that have led to the seizure of large quantities of drugs, and points out that attacks against police units and the growing violence in the country are a response by organized crime to its fight against drug trafficking.

political tension

In his two years in government, Guillermo Lasso failed to establish an inter-party agreement: “There was a lack of vision, tact, political knowledge, he did not surround himself with a powerful team,” Ulloa told BLAZETRENDS, noting that Lasso “lacks of charisma in the public sector”.

He opined that the ruler made “decisions very late” in some aspects -such as the oxygenation of his Cabinet- and did not tune in with the citizens, who demanded urgent improvements in economic, health and security issues, mainly.

To the fact that Lasso received a country in economic crisis, to the fact that he faced a prison crisis (which left dozens of prisoners dead), and to the increasing levels of insecurity, Ulloa adds the blockades that Lasso had to face in a Parliament with an opposition majority, and its difficulty in forging a broad social pact with civil society.

Now, Lasso will govern -possibly until the beginning of November- with decree-laws that, in economic matters, must be approved by the Constitutional Court, to which he has already submitted a tax reform.

“Very short marriage”

Lasso, who developed his private economic activity in banking, sought the Presidency for a decade, until he finally won the elections, but now he comes out “very worn” in what became a “long relationship of love, but a very short”, with the country, exemplified Ulloa.

There was “much ado about nothing; much enchantment and little practice. He can be an extraordinary businessman, an extraordinary banker, but the State is something else, ”he insisted.

Guillermo Lasso also reaches his second year in the midst of a scandal over an alleged corruption plot in public companies where his brother-in-law, businessman Danilo Carrera, appeared.

Ulloa believes that Lasso arrives “in the background” at what was to be half of his term, since the country’s political scaffolding is already embarking on early elections to form the Executive and Legislative, which will complete the term until 2025.

Tomorrow is the deadline for elections to be called in a process that will test the structural capacity of the political groups, which are seeking, against the clock, candidates and alliances, and which up to now have put at least five presidential candidates.

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