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Madrid will have a team in the elite of European American football

Madrid will have a team in the elite of European American football

Madrid joins the rage for American football. Since 2024, the Spanish capital will have a team in the European League of Football (ELF), the biggest competition of this sport on the Old Continent. The newly born franchise under the provisional name of Madrid ELF Team will enter the ‘Champions’ of European American football starting next year, and together with the Barcelona Dragons they will make up the Spanish representation in it.

The Madrid team will support its foundations through the three main teams in the community: LG OLED Las Rozas Black Demons, Osos Rivas and Truckers from Coslada. The team’s management also assured that the name chosen is a provisional one, and that details about the new name, the colors and the place where the matches will be played will be given in the future.

The composition of the team will also be announced soon, both the management positions and the players. The next season will start in the summer of 2024, so there is plenty of time for that. The Madrid ELF Team presented itself to society through a video on social networks in which emblematic sites of the capital can be seen, also from Madrid sports (Santiago Bernabéu or Cívitas Metropolitano), and the message of “something new is coming”.

Currently, the ELF has 17 teams (18 if you count the Istanbul Rams who are not playing this season), a figure that is growing year after year: For this campaign, franchises from countries as relevant as France or Italy, for example, have joined. Germany is the nation with the greatest representation, eight teams, and Spain will be the third country with more than one team in the elite of European American football. Madrid rides the wave.

Teams in the ELF 2023

  • Berlin Thunder (Germany)
  • Cologne Centurions (Germany)
  • Frankfurt Galaxy (Germany)
  • Hamburg Sea Devils (Germany)
  • Munich Ravens (Germany)
  • Leipzig Kings (Germany)
  • Rhine Fire (Germany)
  • Stuttgart Surge (Germany)
  • Raiders Tyrol (Austria)
  • Vienna Vikings (Austria)
  • Barcelona Dragons
  • Fehervar Enthroners (Hungary)
  • Helvetic Guards (Switzerland)
  • Milan Seamen (Italy)
  • Panthers Wroclaw (Poland)
  • Paris Musketeers (France)
  • Prague Lions (Czech Republic)

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