Guardiola’s speech in the Manchester City documentary

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Manchester City were eliminated in the quarter-finals of the Carabao Cup by Southampton in 2023

Manchester City have made a dream signing for 2023 after winning the treble in the summer: Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League. The trophy harvest could have been bigger, but Josep Guardiola’s team made a surprise exit Carabao Cup quarter-final against Southampton on January 11th.

That was the turning point for the Citizens, who from that moment until the end of the season lost only three games and had a practically perfect season, which is highlighted in the documentary about Manchester City, Together: triple winners.

Documentary about Manchester City
Documentary about Manchester City

Guardiola’s speech in Together: triple winners

This documentary shows a talk by Josep Guardiola in Southampton’s humble dressing room after the 2-0 defeat, three days before the derby against Manchester United in the Premier League. In this energetic speech, Guardiola calls on his players to come out of their clouds and that they must be humble to avoid another failure in the other three tournaments.

Explain to me what happened today. Do you think the way they played was normal? For this club, for the people who traveled, who don’t have the money to heat their house and still come here to follow us and play like this… do you think this is normal?

My teams don’t play like that. Sport and life are body language, If they make a pass and walk like that (head down), we’re off to a bad start. But then there were still 80 minutes left Do you want to play? Do you want the ball? Would you like to move? Want to fight? Do they love each other like brothers?

Come down to the earth, all of you, come down to the earth. Work harder, work better, be humble, be ambitious. Otherwise, the bottom ones are ready to play. You “They think nothing will happen because it’s the Carabao Cup, but the same thing will happen in the Champions League and the Premier League.”, Guardiola hinted.

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Guardiola predicted a defeat against Manchester United

During the speech, Guardiola mentioned the fact that Manchester United were waiting for an opportunity to deal a blow to City’s 10-year dominance in the city, and In the end, Old Trafford won 2-1 with two goals in four minutes.

“We’re going to Old Trafford in two days, they’ve been waiting ten years to kill us. You have something today, you, They showed me that we don’t have this: they are hungry, they are hungry. We don’t do that.”

Manchester City vs Southampton
Manchester City vs Southampton

Where can I watch the Manchester City documentary?

The Manchester City documentary is now available on Netflix, called “El Tripl3te del Manchester City” in Spanish and consisting of six episodes of at least 43 minutes each.

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