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Gonzalo Montiel faces serious allegations before his return to Sevilla FC

Apparently the player is in legal trouble after being the main perpetrator of a crime that could ruin his career forever – in true Dani Alves style

27 years old Gonzalo Montiel, and it could be the aspect of his life where he stops being a footballer due to a serious crime. The reigning world champion is being investigated for the alleged rape of an Argentine model and an Argentine stewardess. The events occurred on New Year’s Eve 2018 and the trial began in early 2019.

Although the investigation is already 4 years old, there is no final verdict at this point, but the victim’s lawyer confirmed the lawsuit a few weeks ago. In this way, the women’s defender wants to speed up the sentencing process. This case is already known Sevilla FC and from Nottingham Forest of course.

EGD Seville
Nottingham Forest have already stated that they will not exercise the option to buy Gonzalo Montiel.

The English club does not want any legal problems and will not buy Gonzalo Montiel

If there was a small, minimal opportunity for the British club to implement the option to buy the Argentine full-back, it has simply disappeared. The player’s major scandal outside of football reached the Tricky Trees team, causing an uncomfortable but very significant silence.. The managers can’t believe they have a suspected rapist in their ranks.

For contractual reasons, Nottingham cannot release the player at the moment as there could be an issue with FIFA. What they can do, however, is keep the player in the stands and bring Montiel back to Sevilla FC when his loan ends, where he has a contract until 2026.. As far as the Sevilla board is concerned, there is no official statement yet.

Gonzalo Montiel faces 4 to 10 years in prison

If Gaucho Lane is found guilty of the crime of violent and group sexual assault, he could face a prison sentence of 4 to 10 years. It’s a shame that things are this way in Argentina, where the crime was committed. This would mean the footballer’s professional career would end early.

The most recent case of rape by a football player was that of Dani Alves in 2022, a crime that was proven and for which the Brazilian was sentenced to 4 years in prison. However, he is currently in custody after paying bail. Sevilla FC regrets this situation, in which one of their own is once again getting into legal difficulties.

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