Glasser was in attendance at the Pitchfork Festival CDMX

Glasser stands out for being an artist who sees music as a tool to create worlds, travel to another reality and immerse himself in a magnificent listening experience.

She was one of the artists selected to be part of the amazing line-up of the first edition of Pitchfork Music Festival CDMX, which took place from March 6th to 10th.

“I love fantasy and world building. World building is part of storytelling, and while I don’t necessarily tell direct stories with text, I think I tell it with sound.”

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Cinema and sensory routines

Glasser shared with Playground that he has a great passion for cinema and films in general, which is clearly reflected in his music.

“I always think a lot about films because I love films (…) They are something different about world building.”

Much of what is heard in Glasser’s music makes a lot of sense given this information, as she also mentions that one of the things she loves most is sensory journeys.

“I like things that are controlled by the senses, such as perfumes and much more. “I’m really into this because I try to use a different perfume every time I go somewhere new so I can have a sensory memory of that place and time.”

“Movies are similar to that in a way, because there’s a lot that happens in front of you, but there’s also a lot that the brain just leaves to the imagination and projects in a certain way.”

People who tend to be highly sensory may identify with this experience. She tells us that it’s a way for her to start building these worlds that she reflects so much in her music.

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She likes to create specific and routine atmospheres to separate her persona from her art, which she also achieves through her outfits.


Photo: Playground

Glasser wants to live in the moment

Currently Glasser is in a very relaxed state, just enjoying life and stopping taking things so seriously because you don’t know how long he will be in this world (I agree).

“I think when I was younger I didn’t have much fun making my first albums. I felt like everything was more serious and important and now I’m just trying to enjoy everything because who knows how long it will last.”

“I also think learning from the past and then being like, ‘Wow, I have to do what no one is allowed to do,’ and I was just super grumpy the whole time because I was worried about being perfect or what whatever, but.” Now I think it’s really really cool that I did that (music).”

To first introduce the artist, we recommend “Vine” from her latest album Crux to the Playground audience.

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