Germany announces a new aid package for Ukraine worth 500 million euros

In the twentieth meeting of the so-called Defense Contact Group of UkraineThe German Defense Minister (Boris Pistorius) has announced a new aid package for Ukraine worth 500 million euros at a critical time for Kiev with exhausted troops and a shortage of artillery and ammunition.

The meeting should serve as an impetus. France and Germany are trying hard to project an image of unity – although in reality they are pursuing different speeds – while the German chancellor maintains his red lines by refusing to send Taurus missiles. Nevertheless, Olaf Scholtz is convinced that a new coalition for long-range artillery will emerge from Ramstein. The question is, which missiles? If the German Taurus missiles are banned, the American ATACMS will remain blocked in Congress, leaving only those that Ukraine is already receiving: the Franco-British Storm Shadow missiles.

“We will continue to support Kiev in stopping Putin’s campaign of conquest,” said US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. “Let’s face it, Putin won’t stop in Ukraine. But as President Biden said, Ukraine will stop Putin if we stand with Kiev and provide it with the weapons it needs to defend itself,” the Pentagon chief said.

Fearing that Russia could spread its war to the rest of Europe, some countries on the old continent are beginning to strengthen their armies. Denmark will recruit women for military service, while Germany has launched a campaign to recruit spies and prepare children for war.

This monday Fourteen European heads of state and government signed – without Pedro Sánchez – that Nadia Calviño’s European Investment Bank (EIB) should finance more investments in defense. After Germany, France and Poland pledged last Friday to increase their military support for Ukraine by purchasing more ammunition and a new coalition of long-range missiles.

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