Home World George Meloni: "We need more Europe on the southern front"

George Meloni: "We need more Europe on the southern front"

George Meloni: "We need more Europe on the southern front"

The italian prime minister, far-right Giorgia Meloni, assured that Europe must become more involved in the southern border and that it is urgently necessary to create a cooperation framework to be able to deal with migratory flows in a more decisive way.

“We need more Europe on the southern front, alone we cannot manage a flow of already unfathomable dimensions,” he said at the closing of the VIII Diálogos Med Conference, which brought together heads of state and representatives of more than 50 countries since Thursday in Rome to discuss the challenges facing the Mediterranean.

Meloni, who said that Italy is promoting a plan for Africa, insisted that “Europe urgently needs to create a multilateral cooperation framework, with an incisive fight against illegal flows” and considered that “an essential element is the Europeanization of repatriation management”.

“We ask that the European Union re-launch the effective application of the commitments it has assumed, through migration cooperation with African and Mediterranean partners, who must become more involved in the fight against trafficking in human beings,” he added.

In his opinion, “a solid geopolitics of dialogue can only be built and consolidated in the area starting from the awareness of our identities and cultural values, from the realization that our prosperity is not possible if that of our neighbors does not also exist”.

In this context, he explained that “Italy is promoting a Mattei plan for Africa, an approach that does not have a predatory stance, but collaboration, respectful of reciprocal interests, based on a development that knows how to enhance the identities of each one”. “Only by creating a space of shared stability and prosperity will we be able to face the challenges of the times that we face,” added Meloni, for whom “the full and lasting stabilization of Libya is a national security priority.”

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