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Betis chooses a replacement for Claudio Bravo of the first level

The winter market will be the precise moment for the Verdiblanco team to make cash with the veteran Chilean goalkeeper since in June 2023 he will leave and Pellegrini already has the right and tailored replacement

To renew the goalkeeper squad, to take advantage and make cash, or to reduce the salary mass, the Betis wants to release claudio bravo. All the aforementioned reasons apply to this case, since the contract of the Chilean It expires in June 2023, is already close to 40 years of age, and has one of the highest salaries on the team.

While the sports management of Antonio Cordon resolves the departure of the guardavallas austral, at the same time works on the transfer signing for him. It is one of the substitutes for the FC Barcelona, who this season has played only one game and it was against Viktoria Plzen in the Champions League. We refer to the ex-Barcelona youth player, Inaki Penaperfect relief for Bravo according to Betis.

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Iñaki Peña has a contract with Barcelona until 2023, which is why he said yes to the renewal, although he will first analyze the Betis offer.

Iñaki Peña, like Claudio Bravo, have a short-term contract, and Betis likes this

Perhaps one of the reasons why Manuel Pellegrini requested this specific signing is because the 23-year-old goalkeeper has less than a year left on his contract in Barcelona. Although the renewal of the former Galatasaray is ready in the Culés offices, and he has already given the go-ahead to sign it, the Verdiblanco club can decline his decision.

The first thing that Peña’s agent warned was that if an offer for his player arrived before signing the renewal, they could review it. That is exactly what the goalkeeper and his representative will do. Now it remains to be seen if the offer from the Sevillian club draws the attention of the goalkeeper who is indiscriminately ostracized by Xavi Hernández.

If it is not Claudio Bravo it will be Rui Silva, warn from Betis

Although the Portuguese goalkeeper is the starter and he still has 4 more years left on his contract, he is not exempt from the transferable list. It is precisely for this reason that the Bética sports management has placed him in said folder, since his level has attracted the attention of several teams that could pay very good money.

Now what they are looking for from the Betis general management is to lower the salary mass and look for sources of income to reduce the red balances that afflict the team’s finances. It is clear that Rui Silva would leave more money in the coffers than Claudio Bravo, and the price of the Portuguese is valued at 15 million euros. With an offer of 10 to 12 kilos, the Heliopolitan group would be satisfied.

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