Gabby Petito affair: overwhelming new images unveiled

Overwhelming images. A new sequence that comes from the intervention of the police, dating from August 12, a few days before the death of Gabby Petito, has just been unveiled.

The images of the bodycam reveal Gabby Petito in the process of confessing to the police having been struck by her fiancé “who had become angry”.

In this new video posted by Fox News, Gabby Petito is questioned by the agent who asks her “if she was hit”. The young woman who was installed in the back of a pick-up of the brigade, answers at first: “Yes, yes I think so”, before adding “that she had hit him first” .

Cut to the face

The 22-year-old American who was found dead on September 19, explains to the officer suffering from OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). She thus details having spent her morning cleaning and tidying up, which triggered the anger of her companion. Hesitant in her answers when the police officer encourages her “to be honest” after asking her again if “she was slapped”, Gabby Petito finally admits that Brian Laundrie “rather grabbed her face with his fingernails, hence his cut to the cheek which irritates him to the touch ”.

“He started to get very frustrated with me. So he locked me out, outside the car, and told me to go get some fresh air, but I didn’t want to. I wanted to keep moving forward. Especially since we had no more water, ”Gabby testifies through tears.

For his part, the young man, who appears much more relaxed and smiling, says “he does not want to waste time defending himself” in the face of his fiancée’s allegations. However, he pretends “to have just pushed her away, because she always gets angry and loses her temper.” On the spot, a ranger of the national park and witness of the scene is also questioned by the police. If the latter is not sure to have seen the man give a blow to the woman, he still claims “to have seen a sharp jostling between the two”.

However, the agent recalls “that it does not matter, if it is a man or a woman, the first person to strike the blow must be prosecuted according to a special law of Utah”. Gabby Petito having raised her hand first, a coupon is therefore given to her by the authorities with a date for an online court hearing, although the latter “do not consider her as a suspect or as a victim”.

A hotel room was then made available to Brian Laundrie, who did not wish to file a complaint. When the agent explains the situation to Gabby, the Instagrammer can’t help but burst into tears of “fear of being separated from her fiancé.”

He had returned alone from their road trip in the American West, on September 1, refusing to explain the reasons for his return, and without even giving any information about Gabby. A few days later, after buying a smartphone according to his lawyer, Brian Laundrie vanished leaving his wallet at his home.

After his fiancée’s corpse was found in the Bridger-Teton National Forest in Wyoming, forensic scientists claimed she was the victim of a homicide, placing Brian as the number one suspect in the case. A federal arrest warrant has been issued against him after being named as a person of interest in the murder of Gabby Petito.

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