The McKinsey firm will lay off employees but pay them salaries

Consulting firm McKinsey will cut thousands of jobs in Europe by paying its employees a salary for nine months while they find a new job.

This company is one of the largest management strategy consultancies in the world and now had to start putting its own recommendations into action.

This way, you start implementing a paid relocation plan where your employees continue to receive a salary; even though they are fired from the company.

The initiative will last nine months and these workers must use this time to look for a new job. During this time, they are guaranteed full salary payment at McKinsey.

The McKinsey firm will lay off hundreds of employees but will continue to pay them a salary

The McKinsey firm will lay off hundreds of employees but will continue to pay them a salary. Photo: AFP

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However, if the employee is unable to move within this period, he or she must leave the company permanently.

The company said it will support its employees with professional advisory services as part of this process. You’ll also get advice on how to build your resume and use tools to find a new job.

McKinsey expects hundreds of mid-level job losses in Europe and possibly the United States.

“These measures are part of our ongoing efforts to ensure our performance management and development approach is as effective as possible. and do so in a caring and supportive manner,” a spokesperson told The Times newspaper.

This strategy attracted attention on the networks because it would guarantee a salary to the employees being laid off.

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