France approves the transfer of 30 Mirage 2009-E aircraft from Abu Dhabi to Morocco

After suspending him for three years, “France agreed” the transfer of 30 Emirati Mirage 2000-9 aircraft to Morocco. According to North African sources consulted by LA RAZÓN, this decision was taken after much doubt from the government of Emmanuel Macron.

The transfer of the thirty devices met with French resistance and required approval from Paris, according to the original purchase agreement between Abu Dhabi and Paris. which prohibits the transfer of these aircraft to third parties until approved by the country of manufacture: France.

The Mirage 2000-9 aircraft, which the United Arab Emirates provided to Morocco as part of the military cooperation between the two countries, is the latest version of this type, manufactured specifically for the UAE Air Force. as they have high capabilities and modern technology to carry out high precision air strikes. This made the deployment to Morocco an urgent need to strengthen its air forces amid regional tensions, the sources cited above said.

Among the files discussed last Wednesday between the foreign ministers of both countries was the French approval of the agreement on the Mirage 2000-9 aircraft, which Paris finally agreed to after Abu Dhabi insisted on the transfer of these aircraft to Morocco to conclude the signing of the agreement to acquire 80 French military attack aircraft of the “Rafale” type in 2021.

The French’s hesitation was due to Paris’s desire to buy back 40 Emirati Mirage 2000-9 aircraft with high capacity and modern technology and transfer them to Ukraine to support its war against Russia, while the United Arab Emirates preferred to give up wanted 69 aircraft. Of these, 30 went to Morocco and 39 to Egypt.

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