Forget RRR and the Chello Show, these four Indian movies could have wreaked havoc at the Oscars

95th Academy Awards: There are only a few hours left until the Oscars are announced. From India, RRR, All That Breathe and The Elephant Whispers Show are in the thick of it as strong contenders. RRR’s song Natu-Natu has been nominated for an Oscar 2023 in the Original Song category. At the same time, All That Breathe has been nominated in the Documentary Feature category. In addition, The Elephant Whispers has received a nomination in the category of Best Documentary Short. You would be surprised to know that many of these Indian films were left out of the final list of nominations, which definitely could have created quite a stir. We tell you four of these most special movies.


Gargi, released in 2022, is the best legal drama film, which takes such a spectacular turn in the last moments that the public remains glued to their seats. The story of a woman’s struggle has been shown in this film, which Sai Pallavi brilliantly presented through her acting.


The squeeze of the three Indian films Lagaan, Salaam Bombay and Slumdog Millionaire that caused a sensation at the Oscars is seen in the herd. Nagraj Manjule presented this movie in the best way. This movie can be called the best tribute to the history of Hindi cinema. If Jhund were shortlisted for the Oscars, what Indian wouldn’t want to see Amitabh Bachchan pick up the award?


Talking about the Malayalam film industry, it considers itself completely isolated from the mainstream. Perhaps that is why this area of ​​the film industry is the most creative. Here the objective of the filmmakers is not only to win with the film, so they work more on the themes. Paada is the pinnacle of contemporary Indian cinema. Its basic theme is very emotional.

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This film of barely 50 minutes made in the Maithili language is emotionally very good. This work by Achal Mishra gives an idea of ​​the timidity of colonialism due to its fascinating silence and its static camera. The anger and despair experienced by the majority of the people in our country has been very well reflected in this film. Like last year’s best Indian film The Disciple, this is a great example of how ambitious and stylistically outspoken some of the country’s young filmmakers are.

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