For every girl born, they plant 111 trees

Piplantri, Rajasthan, has become notable for its bold initiatives benefiting women’s rights and the environment. Added to this are numerous job opportunities, thanks to the inspiring dreams of its leader.…

For many years sociological, political and intellectual thinkers have observed the harrowing effects of the steadily declining sex ratio on girls in various parts of India.

Traditionally, when a girl was born in Piplantri village of Rajsamand district, Rajasthan, people were not exactly happy due to the high dowry charges they had to pay. Shyam Sunder Paliwal envisioned a prosperous life for the girls in her community. He proposed that the parents plant trees and care for them for 18 years, which would allow them to generate enough funds to support their daughter’s marriage when she grows up.

To celebrate the birth of a girl, the girl’s parents, grandparents and relatives plant 111 trees

The village’s Communal Council ensures that these trees are properly cared for, thus protecting the efforts of their loved ones. Women, grandmothers and aunts gather in self-help groups to carry out vital maintenance tasks. They provide invaluable support and help make a difference.

“By analyzing village statistics over many years, I have observed that on average there are about 120 births during a year, of which half or 60 are girls. It has been our effort that our daughters become self-reliant so that their parents don’t consider them a burden,” says Paliwal.

Anna Hazare’s Kiran Nidhi scheme has been adopted in Paliwal village. This scheme requires a letter of oath and helps social workers in their endeavors. Mr. Paliwal adapted her plan to keep pace with changing needs and ensure girls’ holistic development, both at school and at home.

This parental vow is completed on sealed paper that involves adherence to the following terms:

– With each birth of a girl, 111 trees are planted to commemorate and ensure that she grows up with the same love and affection.

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– I am determined to help my daughter get a quality education. Furthermore, I will never tolerate the idea of ​​child marriage and I will not let it happen under any circumstances.

– I am allocating this money for my daughter’s wedding and/or higher education expenses.

– None of my family members will participate in preventing or impeding the birth of my daughter.

– The trees planted when a neighbor is born will belong to the city for the rest of his life.

– When he reached adulthood, the resources contributed by his parents and donors seemed insignificant compared to the growth of trees planted during his birth.

This scheme is revolutionary because it celebrates the birth of a girl by planting trees, helping us to take ecological action. The limited arable land in Piplantri, combined with the reduction in forest cover caused by the marble mines, has led to a shortage of potable water. This created a big problem for the inhabitants of the area. Devastating losses in the agricultural sector, coupled with meager wages, have driven many young people to leave their homeland in search of more lucrative prospects. As a result, it is often only the elderly and children who remain in rural areas.

Paliwal’s project has been a blessing to the citizens of his village, improving their lives and transforming them for the better. This pioneering invention by Paliwal has become an encouragement to all the people of the country.

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