A flood of water left two dead and one missing in Panama, while another thirteen people were transferred to a hospital after being modest, reported the National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc) of the Central American country.

“The Joint Task Force team managed to get these people out on the road safe and sound. However, two victims and one disappeared were reported ”, said the general director of Sinaproc, Carlos Rumbo.

The events occurred this Sunday afternoon in the Bayano Caves in Chepo, in the province of Panama, in the east of the country, close to the second largest lake in the country. First, it was reported that the accident had occurred due to a landslide.

A Sinaproc team traveled to the area, where the group of 16 hikers was surprised by a flood of water when they were inside the cave.

Rumbo indicated that the rescue teams of the emergency and security institutions are still in the Bayano area conducting search operations.

According to local media, most of the group were foreigners, of Venezuelan and American nationality.

Sinaproc warned that in the next few hours there will be heavy rains with electrical activity throughout the country.

The rainy season in Panama is usually concentrated between the months of May and November.



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