Fast and Furious X: For Michelle Rodriguez, Louis Leterrier “saved the buttocks” of the franchise

Franchise Fast and Furious, after a timid start, is now setting the global box office on fire. For many he is a blockbuster” appointment that viewers never miss. Initially planned to center its story around car racing, the saga then became the paragon of brainless cinema, with great blows of explosions and caricatural characters. After a very bad Fast 9the cosmic melon of Vin Diesel who vampirizes the franchise pushed Dwayne Johnsonthe interpreter of Luke Hobbs then the filmmaker Justin Lin out.

The voice actor of Groot tried hard to patch things up with the interpreter of black adam…unsuccessfully so far. Indeed, it leaked weeks before the release of the feature film that Dwayne Johnson will be in post-credits scene of FastX. It’s not even a spoiler anymore but an obvious reality. This tenth opus seemed a gigantic mess generalized behind the scenes, but Louis Leterrier (Elusive, Hulk) came to put all this in order – unless it was the heart of a pantomime driven by Vin Diesel. Anyway, that’s what he said. Michelle Rodriguez nearby Los Angeles Times :

“You’re ready to shoot the thing, you don’t have a finished third act and your director just quit. Welcome to heartache. There are tears, because you don’t want things to end up going bad because people are rushing things or worrying about money to forget about the integrity of the thing. You wonder, “Will they find someone who is passionate enough to take care of it and care enough? (Director Louis Leterrier) saved us. He saved our ass. »

Louis Leterrier seems to be much more than the savior of FastX since Vin Diesel To (Unfortunately) announced a final trilogy to conclude the story. The French filmmaker should therefore take care of the 11th, 12th and 13th movies, much to our misfortune. In any case, FastX is currently broadcast in our French cinemas.

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