“Everyone will find fault…” said Kiran Rao about the success of “Missing Ladies”

These days, both Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao are in high demand for their film Laapta Ladies. Previously, he was busy promoting the film. Now both of them are being praised on a daily basis due to the increasing revenue of the film. What is the story, what is the story of the film, what is the cast, everything was perfected by Mr. Perfectionist and his ex-wife. The first word that comes out of everyone’s mouth after watching this movie is “Wow” and the expression on their face is “Pumps Up”.

Released on March 1, this film may not have a star-studded cast but after watching the film, all the superhit actors of the big screen have praised the film in their personal reviews. Salman Khan is also included in this list. Kiran Rao, the producer of this film, recently spoke about making her own space in the industry along with the film.

Kiran Rao shared on HT Smartcast’s Super Womania show how after coming from a normal family, she made her place in the industry with her hard work and intelligence. Kiran said: “As an artist, it is important that at some point you understand that you will provoke people somewhere with your work.” But you must understand that this is your job. Apart from all these things, you just have to concentrate fully on your work. She said, “I come from an ordinary family and after I married Aamir Khan, I suddenly came into limelight. “I knew the media didn’t know me. He just wants to know me as Aamir Khan’s wife. Somewhere I felt like I was losing my identity.

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Besides, Kiran Rao also focused on working and non-working women. She said: “It is difficult for any woman to fulfill her work and duties at the same time.” Society’s expectations from a woman are much higher. With all this, it is very difficult for a woman to find time for herself and do something for herself.

Kiran Rao explained with an example why it took him ten years to make another film after Dhobi Ghat in 2011. She said, “She had started writing the script for this film after the film Dhobi Ghat but was not happy with her script.” After that, one day Aamir Khan’s eyes fell on this script and he completed it. Furthermore, Kiran shared how her parents’ sports taught her to move forward since she was a child. Kiran shared that her thinking about people broadened during her master’s degree in Jamia. She began to think about everything more deeply than before.

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