Eurozapping: European Parliament votes against Hungary’s rotating presidency in 2024

With 442 votes for, 144 against and 33 abstentions, the European Parliament voted against Hungary’s rotating presidency in 2024. This non-binding text obliges States to react. Parliament criticizes Viktor Orban, the Prime Minister, for his anti-democratic excesses and his links with the Kremlin.
Poland bans Russian and Belarusian trucks. They are more than a hundred to remain blocked at the Polish customs. This retaliatory measure, in force since Thursday, June 1, aims to exert pressure to obtain the release of a journalist belonging to the Polish minority in Belarus. In February, he was sentenced to eight years in prison for activism.

Real estate crisis in Great Britain

In Britain, after the euphoria of the post-Covid period, prices fell in May by 3.4% – not seen since 2009.”When there is no more confidence, people are reluctant to buy and take on more debt, or even sell their house, not knowing what the future holds.“, analyzes Nicole Cox, real estate agent. The decline could even accelerate, since interest rates continue to climb in the country.

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