Eternals of Chloe Zhao will not leave an indelible mark on the hearts of fans of the mcu. First film to earn a rating “rotten” on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes (47% good reviews)the film will have collected the handsome sum of $400 million at the box officewhich is however too little if we take into account the traditional figures of Marvel. Featured in the film, Eternals are cosmic beings invoked by the God Arishem. They must protect planet Earth from creatures called the deviants. At the end of the movie, Arishem decides to use Earth as the host of a Celestial, which will lead to the extinction of humanity.

If some side with the leader’s decision (as Richard Madden’s Ikaris)others Eternals do not want to participate in this madness, and in particular Sersi (Gemma Chan)human lover Ben WhitmanKit Harrington. After stopping the Emergence, Ikaris decides to commit suicide by rushing straight into the sun, deeming it illegitimate to join his former companions. If many thought that the character would still come back, the screenwriter of the film, Kaz Firpoextinguished all the rumors by ensuring that the sacrifice of the character was very real.

However, at Marvelno one is ever really dead and the Superman of the mcu may well be making a comeback.

Indeed, in the comics, the Eternals killed during their missions can be resurrected using artificial intelligence. If the artifact was not used in the first movie of Chloe Zhaoit could well be presented in a second opus, which could also see a return of the Mad Titan (Thanos).

Ikaris might as well return in a 2.0 form, devoid of all feelings and soul, to serve as a henchman from Arishemtasked with exterminating the Eternalsif they were to flee (remember that at the end of Eternals first of the name, the characters are all called back by Arishem, probably unhappy that the latter have interrupted the arrival of the Celestial). Finally, the last possibility would be to bring back Ikaris under a variant thanks to the introduction of the multiverse, effective since Spider-Man: No Way Home. So many possibilities that allow us to make sure that we could see the character again in the future!


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