Eternals 2, Ant-Man 4 and Captain Marvel 3 thrown in the trash by Disney?

In a constantly evolving cinematic landscape Marvel Studios seems ready to adjust its sails given the recent poor box office results of some of its films. According to the renowned insider from Wonder Daniel RichtmanThe studio plans to reduce risks and focus on sequels to already established and successful franchises. This strategy could take a break –or even turn it off completely – Projects like “ Eternal 2“, despite the fact that Kevin FigPresident of Marvel Studios, expressed his interest in implementation. THE CEO from Disney, Bob Iger, anticipates a possible failure of this project, which illustrates a more cautious approach when selecting upcoming films. The first film by Chloe Zhao struggled to achieve sales of over $400 million where the Guardians of the Galaxy went to get the 800 million to complete her trilogy.

Other suites, such as “ Ant Man 4 ” And ” Captain Marvel 3“, also appear to be compromised after the fiasco of ” Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania ” and especially ” The wonders ” at the box office. The last city became a project MCU least profitable at the box office. This strategic adjustment represents a significant change for the MCUthat was based on taking risks and turning lesser-known heroes into global cultural icons.

Still, there is hope for other franchises in the universe Wonder. “ Shang Chi 2 » is confirmed to move forward with Simu Liu Resuming his leading role and Destin Daniel Cretton as a screenwriter and director at the top. The sequel is expected to go into production this year 2025 and could explore involving elements of time travelIron Fista character set to appear in the upcoming animated series. Eyes of Wakanda“.

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In the meantime, fans of MCU can look forward to the upcoming release of “ Deadpool and Wolverine“, marking the official entry of these beloved characters into the universe Wonder. With Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman Reprising their iconic roles and a storyline involving a Temporal Variance Authority mission from LokiThe film promises to deliver the action and humor typical of the franchise.

Phase 5 of MCUincluding the release of “Deadpool 3” July 26, 2024will be a defining moment for Marvel Studios, which must find a balance between innovation and loyalty to what made its shared universe successful. As the studio navigates these uncertain waters, fans eagerly await which heroes will take the lead in the coming years. Bob Iger wants to focus his film productions on numbers that can bring in the most money at the box office: Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Shang-Chi or even that avenger.

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