Environment: the city of Caen distributes ladybugs to fight against aphids

Aphids are the bane of vegetable gardens. Faced with these insects, there are two possibilities: insecticides, which are bad for the planet, or ladybugs and especially their larvae, which are a natural predator of aphids. And in Normandy, we believe in it: tEvery Friday morning, at the Jardin des Plantes in Caen (Calvados), there is a line to collect the larvae. Each larva eats about 80 aphids per day, while the latter appear as soon as the first heats.

600,000 eggs laid each year

Thibaut Blanchet is doing it for the second year, and is proud of his vegetable garden without pesticides or fertilizers. To save his artichokes, he relies again on the ladybugs. The problem should be fixed in qa few days, and the vegetables protected for the season. Ladybug breeding takes place in the greenhouse of the Jardin des Plantes. 600,000 eggs are laid each year. Already 3,500 larvae have summer distributed. Ioperation continues until July 7.

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