UFC confirms fight between Ilia Topuria and Max Holloway

Max Holloway sees a future fight with champion Ilia Topuria as inevitable in the exciting world of UFC

Hawaiian UFC star Max Holloway has expressed his interest and anticipation in facing him Ilia Topuria, the current Hispanic-Georgian champion of this category. During a recent interview with ESPN, Hollowayknown for his outstanding skills in the octagon, has expressed surprise that he has not competed yet Topuriaits popularity and ability have caught the attention of the mixed martial arts world.

The Hawaiian who defended the featherweight title UFC From July 2017 to December 2019, he stated that there was an argument between him and him Topuria it is inevitable. With a confident tone, Holloway He noted: “He likes to talk and I like to listen. When the time is right, it will happen. You will have to see me sooner or later.” These words suggest a future confrontation full of tension and anticipation in the octagon.

    Ilia Topuria Max Holloway
Max Holloway expects a future fight with Ilia Topuria in the UFC

The path to confrontation

Holloway’s career in the UFC has been marked by iconic fights and his willingness to face Topuria sparks a new chapter of anticipation among fans. Holloway questions decisions the UFC regarding the management of the contenders and the opportunity given to Topuria to fight for the title, which has led to speculation the strategies and possible outcomes of this confrontation.

When asked about a possible defense of Topuria’s title in Spain, particularly at the new Santiago Bernabéu in Madrid, Holloway expressed enthusiasm for the idea if circumstances permitted. This possible duel would not only be a milestone for the UFC in Spain, But it also promises to be a historic event in both fighters’ careers.

The current and future panorama of both fighters

As Max Holloway prepares for his next fight against Justin Gaethje this Saturday in Las Vegas, Nevada, Ilia Topuria is among the VIPs attending the event and potentially negotiating her future in the UFC. The dynamic between Holloway and Topuria suggests a growing rivalry that can only be resolved within the octagonwhich further increases expectations for this confrontation.

Not only is the likelihood of this fight occurring, but it would be a confrontation full of skill, strategy and determination. Since both fighters are at the peak of their careers, Ilia Topuria and Max Holloway will face each other It’s shaping up to be one of the most anticipated matches in UFC’s recent history.

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