Emery puts UD Las Palmas in trouble: he wants Moleiro

Emery puts UD Las Palmas in trouble: he wants Moleiro

The English club threatens not to let the Canarian promise finish the season in the Pío Pío team since the former coach Villarreal requested said contract before signing with the villains

One of the requirements of Unai Emery to sign with him astonville was that the club had to invest in large signings and specifically requested the hiring of alberto moleiro. The 19-year-old attacking midfielder is the big sensation of the UD Las Palmas and the player with the most projection for the future in García Pimienta’s team.

Although it is a diamond in the rough and its base price does not exceed 3 million eurosHe is a player for whom any club would make a great investment. That is exactly what he wants. villain set but not what the directors of the peep peep painting. However, the technician Unai Emery pushes for Moleiro and it will be difficult for Miguel Ángel Ramírez to retain him.

Emery Moleiro
Seated on the Aston Villa bench, Unai Emery has requested the signing of Alberto Moleiro as an explicit request.

The club led by Unai Emery wants to negotiate for Moleiro but Las Palmas does not

Everyone in the yellow squad has already stated that they do not want the creative steering wheel to come out and less with the great objective that they have set for themselves, the promotion. The guard of the leader Alavés has had a good campaign and it has been partly thanks to the footballer from Tenerife. Thinking about a start in this winter market could influence the plans of Pimienta, Helguera and Ramírez.

Although the general and sports management of the Canarian club can adhere to the midfielder clause, it is very low for a Premier League team. In this way, if Aston Villa wants the 19-year-old crack in January, they must pay 30 kilos. The Canarian president considers that said sum is not what Moleiro is worth.

The objective of ascending to shield Moleiro from Aston Villa and Unai Emery

In the offensive midfielder’s contract there is a paragraph that could double his termination clause. However, it can only be executed under certain criteria, and the most important is that the Pío Pío club promote to first place. If this happens, it will no longer be 30 but 60 million euros that Aston Villa will have to pay.

That is why Unai Emery has his sports management harassed by the fact that the operation is closed in this same winter market. On the other hand, the player has not expressed himself, but the idea of ​​playing in a first division and more so in England, could persuade him to request to leave Gran Canaria in January.


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